Print Advertising

When your ads look good, you look good.


Your services are professional.
Does your company look professional?

Companies that want their products advertised with style come to W3. We have earned a reputation for our ability to portray a client's products and services with the kind of creativity and professionalism that gives customers the incentive to buy.


In the global economy, it's not where you set up shop; it's what you have to contribute that counts. From our home in Shavertown, Pennsylvania, W3 erases notions of time and distance by serving multinational and national companies, regional advertisers and local businesses and institutions that have one thing in common: the desire to use creative communications techniques in order to grow.


Creative thinking is as important in business as accounting and engineering. Successful companies and institutions today employ creativity and imagination, where once top-down management ruled. W3's list of clients is impressive—and exclusive. Only those bold enough to embrace the power of creativity need apply. And W3 rewards them with award-winning advertising, design, production and media that make things happen.


W3 has evolved over 18 years from a design boutique into a full service advertising, marketing, web development and promotion agency. Each step of the way, we have been committed to recruiting well-trained, creative, and energetic people—communications professionals who want a fast-paced environment and the opportunity to work in collaboration with clients who are committed to growth and success. Every service W3 offers is animated by a philosophy that has been consistent since the start and driven by a strong commitment to creativity.